I’m trying to get to know the butterflies commonly seen on Gooseberry.  As a reminder to myself – and perhaps a guide for you – here are the ones I have seen, photographed, and identified so far. Click any image for a  larger version.

Monarch! My favorite because of its long migration journey. Shows up in the dozens in early October = mostly out past the towers - on its trip to Mexico!

Viceroy - or "not-a-monarch!" Smaller with different markings, but can be casually mistaken for the monarch.

American Painted Lady - medium-size and quite a beauty.

with wings folded the two large spots at margins of the hind wing marks this as an American Painted Lady.

Best Buckeye I've been able to capture on silicon to date. They're medium-sized like Painted Lady. Click image for larger version.

Take a look at the tiny, silvery mark on the underside of the rear wing and you will see why this butterfly is known as the question mark!

Viewed from above with wings open the question mark is really a beauty!

Clouded Sulphur - the second most common butterfly on Gooseberry - in my very informal survey. (Earlier I misidentified this as a Cloudless Sulphur - upon further study I don't think it is.)

And this, I believe, is a clouded sulphur also.

Cabbage Whites - they seem to be every where! - well, at certain times of year.

Eastern Black Swallowtail - a bit unusual, i believe.

This mourning cloak's trim along the edges of the wing looks white to be - but I'm convinced it's an older individual and the original yellow trim is simply faded.


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