Gooseberry – As you’ve never seen it before!

Well, assuming you are not a helicopter pilot or drone flyer you have never seen Gooseberry like this!  This video was created by David Sprogis who kindly gave me permission to embed it here. It’s a tad longish, so come here and watch – go to full screen – when you feel like relaxing and remembering.

David has several other videos of the region on his Vimeo page.

He uses a Phantom 3 with a 4K camera. I know justa little about such drones and all I can say is this is NOT a toy – but ot’s not prohibitively expensive either. Google it.


<p><a href=”″>Goosebury Island</a> from <a href=””>David Sprogis</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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2 Responses to Gooseberry – As you’ve never seen it before!

  1. Thank you fro taking me on this beautiful flight! I’ve walked the center path to the tower many times and the usually quiet bay side to the end. But I love the sounds of the surf on the ocean side. At age 83 I still walk now using trekking poles. Nothing keeps me away from the ocean!

    • Greg Stone says:

      That’s terrific – you have a few years on me, but not many, and I still try to get out their regularly,usually loaded with cameras..

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