Murder at Gooseberry!

The year is 1903 – no. The year is 2017, I have recalled from somewhere hearing about a murder at Gooseberry and as I rummaged through the Historical Society files on Gooseberry, Executive Director Jenny O’Neill dug out a wonderful document – a complete journal of someone residing in the boarding house with the murderer and victim, watching the whole bitter series of events unfold and sharing their thoughts and concerns in a journal.

So come back with me to the summer of 1903. Learn what it is like to live in a boarding house on East Beach with a fascinating cast of characters – a love triangle, a fist fight, and a murder.

It makes a wonderful little piece of summer reading, so as I promised in my recent presentation on Gooseberry History, I am posting it here along with related newspaper clips from the era and part of the court record – all in a about 50 pages. Enjoy!

And when you’re done, tell me if you are certain they got the right man – for he went to prison for the crime and in 1910 died of a heart attack while exercising in the prison yard.


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