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Gooseberry comes alive!

All spring there has been relatively little bird action on Gooseberry – at least to this weekly visitor – but on  our July 7 visit it started to pick up and by July 13 things were going strong. Well, at … Continue reading

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It is a knot, it’s not a monarchy – story and photo of two amazing travelers and much more

First, the Monarchs are starting to arrive on their incredible trip to Mexico and I was able to catch this one in midflight and morning sun.  More Monarchs later. As with all pictures in this post, click image for larger version. … Continue reading

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Flight ecstasy, a new Rebel, and a quantum leap in awareness

How can I explain it? Yes, this is about a new camera – but much more. As I examined these pictures on my computer – the first taken with my new CAnon EOS Rebel T2i, I found myself transported to … Continue reading

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Questions and Question Marks and what’s this Semi Palmated business?

A few days after the passage of Hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Irene I was circumnavigating Gooseberry and as I rounded the southeast point and headed towards the east point I spotted a pretty large outboard-powerded boat well up on the beach. Looking down … Continue reading

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Cormorants really should stick to swimming! And I’m not sure this Osprey made a wise choice. And. . .

One of the eternal puzzles for me is why cormorants even bother to fly. I guess they can do a pretty good job of it, but it takes so much for them to get going. And they always need a … Continue reading

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A little mystery, a little discovery, plus masses of tree swallows and a gathering of osprey

Somehow the sky can seem crowded when just two ospreys decide to fish the same spot. I rarely see Osprey off Gooseberry and when I do they seem to be just passing by. But not yesterday – yesterday there were … Continue reading

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Welcome back, Rebel!

Yahoo! Whoop-ti-doo! I mean it took me a whole year to learn this? Yes it did! But it was a great morning – lots of neat shore birds and a new warbler or two – plus, as usual, something of … Continue reading

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Turnstones in disarray and the making of a Feast – the biggest!

Today Gooseberry was Bayberry Island – unofficially, but that’s what it looked and smelled like and that’s what brought more than 100 persons from New Bedford  to Gooseberry early this morning. But I get ahead of myself. I don’t want … Continue reading

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. . . and who would have thought I’d be looking at a Plover’s armpits?

Really  – they’re a key way to idennify the Black-bellied Plover in flight and when in his dull plummage. My guidebook points it out – and the photos I got this morning prove it. See – black armpits. (not the … Continue reading

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Six shore (but unsure) birds!

Well, I’m unsure – unsure of the shore birds 😉 Another beautiful morning walk at  Gooseberry and another afternoon of asking Bren to look over my shoulder and double check the bird guides as we both try to figure out … Continue reading

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