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Mystery mammal, Ruddy Turnstone, Surf Scoter and more

It was a nice June morning on Gooseberry. Surprising in that it had been foggy up at the Westport Middle School where we flew RC airplanes, yet as we went south towards the ocean it got clearer and it was … Continue reading

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Flight ecstasy, a new Rebel, and a quantum leap in awareness

How can I explain it? Yes, this is about a new camera – but much more. As I examined these pictures on my computer – the first taken with my new CAnon EOS Rebel T2i, I found myself transported to … Continue reading

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Cormorants really should stick to swimming! And I’m not sure this Osprey made a wise choice. And. . .

One of the eternal puzzles for me is why cormorants even bother to fly. I guess they can do a pretty good job of it, but it takes so much for them to get going. And they always need a … Continue reading

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Oyster Catchers caught! (And gulls and terns and a beautiful Common Yellow Throat and . . . )

. . . Butterflies too, and flowers, and rocks – hey, it’s fun on Gooseberry in late summer – lot’s to see. And what’s so common about a yellow throat? But enough!  The first dozen or so pictures – be … Continue reading

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Welcome back, Rebel!

Yahoo! Whoop-ti-doo! I mean it took me a whole year to learn this? Yes it did! But it was a great morning – lots of neat shore birds and a new warbler or two – plus, as usual, something of … Continue reading

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Turnstones in disarray and the making of a Feast – the biggest!

Today Gooseberry was Bayberry Island – unofficially, but that’s what it looked and smelled like and that’s what brought more than 100 persons from New Bedford  to Gooseberry early this morning. But I get ahead of myself. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Four shorebirds: Fall 2009

Instead of going down the  old dirt road in the middle of the island on our walk today, we (Bren, Elisa, Higgins and I)  decided to follow the eastern shore out to the large point where it starts to turn … Continue reading

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