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You be the judge – me? – I give him straight 10s!

If fish diving were an Olympic event, I think this Osprey diving off the south tip of Gooseberry Friday would get straight tens.  Having watched them off and on for years, I knew they went in feet first – and … Continue reading

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Questions and Question Marks and what’s this Semi Palmated business?

A few days after the passage of Hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Irene I was circumnavigating Gooseberry and as I rounded the southeast point and headed towards the east point I spotted a pretty large outboard-powerded boat well up on the beach. Looking down … Continue reading

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The Katia Symphony of Surf and Sea with Avian Allegro Passage

I wanted to see how much surf a Category 1 Hurricane (that’s as weak as they come) could kick up on Gooseberry as it passed about 400 miles to our southeast, so I went down to Gooseberry near high tide … Continue reading

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An Uncommom ‘Common’ Eastern Black Swallowtail

Big news today – A Harrier came scooting by too fast for me to get a picture – and, we saw the second Monarch of the month, but again, come and gone before I could get a picture, so . … Continue reading

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Four Gooseberry butterflies: Fall 2009

I’ve never been able to keep more than a few butterflies straight – but here goes:

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