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Questions and Question Marks and what’s this Semi Palmated business?

A few days after the passage of Hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Irene I was circumnavigating Gooseberry and as I rounded the southeast point and headed towards the east point I spotted a pretty large outboard-powerded boat well up on the beach. Looking down … Continue reading

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The butterflies of Gooseberry

Well, not all of them – just the ones I’ve been able to identify so far – I’ve  shown them in various posts and searching on a specific name should bring up the post(s) involved – but I thought it … Continue reading

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Scoter surprise, warbler delights and butterflies too

Many times as I start across the causeway I see a flock of  Common Eiders by Bar Rock and I stop to photograph them because I’ve learned at last that what I assume are Eiders may be something else. Well, … Continue reading

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