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Murder at Gooseberry!

The year is 1903 – no. The year is 2017, I have recalled from somewhere hearing about a murder at Gooseberry and as I rummaged through the Historical Society files on Gooseberry, Executive Director Jenny O’Neill dug out a wonderful … Continue reading

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Ok folks, the reason I called this meeting . . .

  Ooops – Johnny was late . . . We’ve seen few shore birds from August until now – in fact, on most weekly walks we see only one or two. last week we did see – quite unusual in … Continue reading

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Mystery mammal, Ruddy Turnstone, Surf Scoter and more

It was a nice June morning on Gooseberry. Surprising in that it had been foggy up at the Westport Middle School where we flew RC airplanes, yet as we went south towards the ocean it got clearer and it was … Continue reading

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The Katia Symphony of Surf and Sea with Avian Allegro Passage

I wanted to see how much surf a Category 1 Hurricane (that’s as weak as they come) could kick up on Gooseberry as it passed about 400 miles to our southeast, so I went down to Gooseberry near high tide … Continue reading

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Gooseberry in the raw – Chasing Tilley – and just how windy is it? Check out the flag!

My computer readout said the wind was 2 mph. When I went to my car in the driveway it was calm. And dry – which fit the image on the weather radar which showed all the rain passing to the … Continue reading

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Cormorants really should stick to swimming! And I’m not sure this Osprey made a wise choice. And. . .

One of the eternal puzzles for me is why cormorants even bother to fly. I guess they can do a pretty good job of it, but it takes so much for them to get going. And they always need a … Continue reading

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Goodnight Irene! Some sand and rocks out of place, but that’s about it on Gooseberry

Hurricane Irene was much nicer to Gooseberry – and this region in general – than it was to the people who got hit hardest in the Carolinas, or the people in upstate New York and Vermont who are still contending … Continue reading

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