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New bird for me – I think – maybe – well, a nice bird any ways!

Well, on Thursday I got home from a 90-minute walk around Gooseberry and looked at my pictures and said wow! That’s a spotted sandpiper – I’ve never seen one before. My problem is when I search this journal I find … Continue reading

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Gooseberry comes alive!

All spring there has been relatively little bird action on Gooseberry – at least to this weekly visitor – but on  our July 7 visit it started to pick up and by July 13 things were going strong. Well, at … Continue reading

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Summer migration sightings on Gooseberry

Place sure does change once the warm weather arrives.  All spring we have been looking for signs of  the birds migrating north – and we’ve seen a few, but nothing like what happens in August as they come off the … Continue reading

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You be the judge – me? – I give him straight 10s!

If fish diving were an Olympic event, I think this Osprey diving off the south tip of Gooseberry Friday would get straight tens.  Having watched them off and on for years, I knew they went in feet first – and … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung – ahhhhhh, what a day – eh, make that two days!!

So life returns to Gooseberry and at last I get to see it in the spring! This is the tale, told mostly in photos, of two walks – one last Saturday and one this morning and the focus is on … Continue reading

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Merlin magic, Flicker flights, Yellow Rumps, Monarch of the Road, and more

Great morning at Gooseberry, kicked off by a lucky grab of a flicker caught in the morning Sun and highlighted  by some out-of-focus shots of a speeding Merlin who I interrupted at breakfast – his, or maybe hers. I’ve seen … Continue reading

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The Katia Symphony of Surf and Sea with Avian Allegro Passage

I wanted to see how much surf a Category 1 Hurricane (that’s as weak as they come) could kick up on Gooseberry as it passed about 400 miles to our southeast, so I went down to Gooseberry near high tide … Continue reading

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