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New bird for me – I think – maybe – well, a nice bird any ways!

Well, on Thursday I got home from a 90-minute walk around Gooseberry and looked at my pictures and said wow! That’s a spotted sandpiper – I’ve never seen one before. My problem is when I search this journal I find … Continue reading

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Ok folks, the reason I called this meeting . . .

  Ooops – Johnny was late . . . We’ve seen few shore birds from August until now – in fact, on most weekly walks we see only one or two. last week we did see – quite unusual in … Continue reading

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Gooseberry comes alive!

All spring there has been relatively little bird action on Gooseberry – at least to this weekly visitor – but on  our July 7 visit it started to pick up and by July 13 things were going strong. Well, at … Continue reading

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Summer migration sightings on Gooseberry

Place sure does change once the warm weather arrives.  All spring we have been looking for signs of  the birds migrating north – and we’ve seen a few, but nothing like what happens in August as they come off the … Continue reading

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Mystery mammal, Ruddy Turnstone, Surf Scoter and more

It was a nice June morning on Gooseberry. Surprising in that it had been foggy up at the Westport Middle School where we flew RC airplanes, yet as we went south towards the ocean it got clearer and it was … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung – ahhhhhh, what a day – eh, make that two days!!

So life returns to Gooseberry and at last I get to see it in the spring! This is the tale, told mostly in photos, of two walks – one last Saturday and one this morning and the focus is on … Continue reading

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A military tone to a peaceful walk, but what the heck ;-)

Military, because one of my favorite pictures from this walk was a guy showing off his new pair of epaulettes – I really felt I should snap to attention and salute! Instead I just snapped a picture and like all … Continue reading

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Done Day – as in dun, Dunlin, and Dunne

Yeah, “dun” is an apt description of the color (at least in winter,) of this rather large “peep” known as a Dunlin – and Peter Dunne is my main source for information on it. in winter and in northern coastal … Continue reading

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It is a knot, it’s not a monarchy – story and photo of two amazing travelers and much more

First, the Monarchs are starting to arrive on their incredible trip to Mexico and I was able to catch this one in midflight and morning sun.  More Monarchs later. As with all pictures in this post, click image for larger version. … Continue reading

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Flight ecstasy, a new Rebel, and a quantum leap in awareness

How can I explain it? Yes, this is about a new camera – but much more. As I examined these pictures on my computer – the first taken with my new CAnon EOS Rebel T2i, I found myself transported to … Continue reading

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