Sharks! Well, maybe . . .but the news folks were sure there

Shark sighting interview.

Shark sighting interview by Chatee Lans of Channel 12 News in Providence. .

Yesterday a man who authorities obviously believed reported two large sharks off Gooseberry causing officials to close Horseneck and other nearby beaches to swimmers. Today I went for my usual walk on Gooseberry and a Channel 12 news car pulled in just ahead of me.

As I got out of my car the reporter, Chanteé Lans, came over to chat, but as I explained that I knew nothing except what had been in the papers this morning another guy came over to say he had seen a shark just a few hours ago. So she interviewed him at length – and yes, she interviewed me, though I really had little to say other than Gooseberry is a beautiful, wild place and it would be exciting to get a look at the sharks, though I didn’t want to swim with them 😉

I don’t think that’s what she was looking for, so I kinda doubt I’ll be on the 5 o’clock news, but who knows 😉

Flying shark???

Flying shark??? This picture is from about half a mile away.

What i thought I saw was someone flying a shark-like kite over the Horseneck campground – someone with a sense of humor. But now as I look at a close up of the picture, that’s not the case. It was  an unusual shape for a kite and did look shark-like from a distance, but close up it was not.

Nope - not a shark kite afterall. Too bad. I kinda liked the idea. ;-)

Nope – not a shark kite afterall. Too bad. I kinda liked the idea. 😉

And I did scan the ocean diligently with my binoculars  from the parking lot and the beach near the towers and from on top of the hill – and saw nothing unusual. Chanteé asked me if I believed the other guy. Hey, why not? I have no reason to disbelieve him.

But I think what she was looking for was a little more shark fear. Hell, I’m more scared of driving to the beach than I am of getting attacked by a shark.  They are really quite rare in this region – at least the killer kind, but maybe that’s changing with the climate. Besides, I rarely swim in the ocean – just like to look at it!

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