Simply beautiful!

There’s a lovely rawness to Gooseberry, a place where man once lived  and nature has reclaimed. Sometimes I wish the State would do something with it to make it more park like – picnic tables and the like. And then I think, no – I like it just the way it is with the hidden foundations peeking through the thick brush occasionally, the domestic plants gone wild, amid the wild plants undomesticated – and bits of macadam appearing through the dirt to remind us of when summer folks vacationed here and the Army in the abandoned towers kept us safe from invaders who never really were a threat.

The view from the top of the highest hill (20 feet, maybe?) looking towards the parking lot to the north. Click image for a much larger version.

And today I just reveled in the June flowers, the cool ocean breeze that made a sweatshirt necessary, and thoughts of bored soldiers, lolling on the beach, and maybe tossing a rock or two into the water, wearing those broad-rimmed hats that we see in “From Here to Eternity.”  And I’m glad the war was as quiet here as it was and today it’s the flowers that surround the towers and not barbed wire.

Off the southwest point, bobbing in the ocean waves, is a modest flock of ducks – black scooters and white-winged scoters, I believe, with an eider or two nearby.

Later, as I turned into the path that cuts across the south point a bit inland, four rock doves came in a for a landing. Funny – they look different – so much better to me, really – once out of their usual city environment.

Hmmmm. . . guess you could say they’re the city folks trying once more to turn Gooseberry into a summer retreat 😉

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