Surf’s up! And so are the surfers. . . a veritable wave of them thanks to Irene!

Early morning surfer in foggy conditions catches a wave off of Gooseberry near the southeast beach. (In this and all photos, click image for larger version.)

We don’t have high surf here normally, but get a hurricane stoking thngs up – even from a thousand miles away – and the waves pick up and so do the surfers. By 6:30 am this morning the parking lot just before the causeway was full. That’s in part because the causeway was closed to vehicles, but most of these cars and trucks belonged to surfers and they were heading one of two directions – either to the Horseneck Campground and beach, or out to Gooseberry – way out – carrying their boards the whole way.

Surfers pass fishermen as they head out fog-shrouded causeway. I followed them and was surprised they kept going and going and going - yet ended up surfing on the Bay side, though the ocean waves seemed larger.

One look at Bar Rock and you knew what the attraction was!

Ooops, where's Bar Rock? Just west of the Causeway and under this wave!

There were moments on the causeway when shallow water streamed around my feet. Not dangerous, of course, but very wet 😉

Waves crashed across the causeway, sometimes soaking walkers.

Still, life went on as usual. As the surfers vanished over the first hill I noticed this woman cheerfully gathering Honeysuckle flowers.

I asked her if she had ever seen any gooseberries. She said no - that she knew what they looked like, but never had seen any out here. Neither have I.

And for some reason there were simply hundreds of spider webs, all of the same classic design and roughly the size of your hand or a bit larger. Quite beautiful because if nothing else, they captured the fog.

So were these usually there and because the air was usually drier I haven’t noticed them? Hardy seems likely – but then, why so many all of a sudden?  I puzzled over this, but mostly I puzzled about where the surfers had gone. They had  long since vanished into the mist ahead of me. But then as I headed down the little path to the southeast beach just past the towers, I saw them.

Looking our towards Cuttyhunk.

Meanwhile, new arrivals headed out looking for better waves.

meanwhile, back at Horseneck, there were more than a dozen surfers out west of Bar Rock in front of the campground.

And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow we’ll be greeting Irene – or what’s left of her.

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3 Responses to Surf’s up! And so are the surfers. . . a veritable wave of them thanks to Irene!

  1. Michelle Lavigne says:

    Great photos again, thank you

  2. Daphne says:

    The photos of the surf and surfers could have been taken at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

    Love the cobseb – great shot!

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