Yellow bird – like, very yellow – and some more “not gooseberries”

Some day I hope to find a gooseberry on Gooseberry Island. Not today. Today was my day for a beautiful yellow warbler who joined me out near the towers. Not the first I’ve seen, but they usually don’t cooperate and pose for pictures. This one did.

Yellow warbler -click image forlarger version.

Yellow warbler - click image forlarger version.

There have got to be some gooseberries on Gooseberry Island!  But I haven’t seen them yet – or maybe I have and don’t know what I’m looking at.  But I’ve seen pictures on the web of gooseberries from elsewhere and they don’t like what I’ve seen. What I’ve seen does look tempting – and pretty.   Such as these I snapped this morning – but they obviously aren’t gooseberries! Gooseberries are green, right? And large, like grapes – right? These are more like raspberries

Well- maybe ineed to watcht hese - maybe they'll do something later... maybe...


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2 Responses to Yellow bird – like, very yellow – and some more “not gooseberries”

  1. Ann says:

    Red berries are “Wine Berries”

    • Greg Stone says:

      Thanks Ann! As I said, they were “like raspberries” but I didn’t think they were. But I did not know of wineberries. The description I found thanks to your ID fits perfectly what I saw – “Here’s an invasive plant you might end up liking. The wineberry, an Asian species that has taken hold here in Connecticut and elsewhere in the Northeast, is found along roadsides, at the edges of meadows, and yes, all over my yard. The canes are thorny and have a reddish-purple, somewhat furry appearance. The fruit, red when ripe, grows in clusters and looks something like a raspberry but is more luminous, and when you pick it you see a distinctive orange cone left on the cluster.” from:

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