Gooseberry Summer – now

Having just written about the Gooseberry of half a century ago, I decided to take a few snaps during my exercise walk today just to capture a little of the ambiance of a summer day there today.  These pictures were all taken between 9:30 and 10 am.

Clcik any image for a larger version.

The causeway was busy - the parking lot full.

Early sunbathers have already grabbed choice spots on the east beach facing Buzzard's Bay.

And on the west side near the little buff just beyond the parking lots the fishermen have arrived.


Can you imagine a dance hall and several cottages here? Well try, for that was the case once.

One early arrival has his catamaran all rigged and ready for launching, while three others are getting their's ready.

The undergrowth is thick at this time of year with a mixture of honey suckle, Rugosa Rose, various wild flowers and a few plants left over from the summer cottages that were once here, such as the tawny daylily.

Some of the rugosa roses have reached this stage.

But most of the roses are still in full bloom.

There used to be four cottages at the top of the central hill - today I found these steps, on the opposite side of the road from where the cottages stood. Funny - I don't recall seeing them before.

No trumpeter this morning, but this little song sparrow was sure giving it his all!



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