Frost flowers – and a stealth seal

Frost frustrated me at times last night as it covered the lens of my telescope and hid the view of the universe – and frost frustrated me again this morning as I had to pull over twice on the way to Gooseberry to clear my windshield. (OK, I should have done a better job while the car was in the driveway. But when I got to Gooseberry frost turned out to be the whole show – and what a beautiful show it was.  Combine heavy frost and the sun finding some slots in the clouds to peek through and you have a formula for a beautiful walk.  And no I didn’t see the seal – as I say, it was a stealth seal.  I walked out onto the Southeast Beach, saw some distant ducks, took some pictures – saw a guy walking his dog nearby – no seal. But the guy caught up with me later and said I had missed the seal. It had  been on the beach, he said, and was about 30 yards out in the water when I was taking pictures.  (It was apparently scared into the water by his dog – darn it.) Seals are occasional winter visitors in our region – but I’ve never seen one off Gooseberry.

But as I say, the frost had my eye.  I especially liked how inviting it made this path.

The path that leads to Southeast Beach and the seal I didn't see - but my, isn't it inviting? (Click image for a larger view.)

And in the slideshow that follows I do recommend you click the “full” button beneath the picture for “full screen” viewing. I’m prejudice, but think the closeups are more interesting the bigger you make them.

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