Lone Loon

It was a raw day in the upper forties with a northeast wind and gloomy skies and Gooseberry’s smaller residents seemed to be hunkered down out of sight as Bren, Higgins, Eliza and I walked out to the towers and back on the central path.

No butterflies, of course, and just a  couple Mockingbirds – maybe one or two Yellow-rumps – and one mystery speedster . . . that was it. Of this last  I had a general impression of thin, pointed wings, white rump, and black tail. Bren saw the white rump and a longer than usual beak. It was not a falcon  – so my best guess, putting it all toegther, is a black-bellied plover, though I didn’t know they could fly that fast.This guy was motoring at the speed of a dove in a hurry.

The one “discovery” of the day was made by Bren – a lone loon off the east side of the causeway, hidden by  the low chop kicked up by the wind a good deal of the time – and much of the rest of the time diving. I have about three pictures that show nothing but waves – and this one that proves it is, indeed a Common Loon – probably a juvenile.


Click image for larger view.

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