September 18: Swallows and a falcon

Bren, I, Higgins and Eliza decided to take a stroll on Gooseberry and were surprised to find it high tide with a very brisk wind and waves breaking over the causeway from time to time.  In short, a beautiful September day, and before we left the parking lot and headed up the central dirt road a slew of tree swallows took off and in an instant I thought I glimpsed a falcon among them – but it happened very fast and the falcon vanished into the low tangle of  brush as the swallows swirled off in black, shifting cloud towards the south of the island.

I was still trying to decide if my eeys were playing tricks on me when the falcons sprang   into the air, and headed north right past us. no doubt it was a falcom – but too fast for a specific ID. Bren was thinking  female Kestrell – we had seen one recently on Mt. Wachusetts  –  I was thinking Merlin. Later, as we walked on the path about halfway to the WWII artillery towers we were surrounded once more by swirling swallows and i grabbed some quick shots.


Click image for larger version.


Click image for larger version.

Also in season are small toads, or frogs like this one. (Paul C. idenmtifies this in his comment as a “Fowler’s Toad.”)


Bren and Higgins at the end of our brief walk – sure nice for getting the cobwebs out of your head!


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One Response to September 18: Swallows and a falcon

  1. Paul C says:

    Fowler’s Toad

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